The Vanished Queen


A stunning blend of vivid fantasy and political drama, The Vanished Queen is the timely story of a young resistance fighter working to overthrow a totalitarian ruler’s regime of terror and lies.

Book cover: Title, The Vanished Queen. Author: Lisbeth Campbell.
Blurb: "This is one of the best fantasy books out this year," from Beth Cato. Description: woman walking away in a city of imposing stone buildings, sunset  background.

“One of the best fantasy books out this year.”— Beth Cato

“Campbell skillfully balances action and introspection as rebellion rises against an oppressive regime.” –Publisher’s Weekly

“It’s one of the best epic fantasies I’ve read in a long time.”— Buzzfeed

“Head and shoulders above other fantasy novels [in its] intricate, pitch-perfect depiction of characters struggling to hold on to their humanity.” —Deborah J. Ross


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Long ago, Queen Mirantha vanished. King Karolje claimed she was assassinated by a neighboring ruler, but her people knew the truth: the king Disappeared her himself.

Now, the queen’s disappearance is hardly a memory—merely one among many horrors the king’s reign has wrought. But when Anza—a young student whose father is unjustly executed on King Karolje’s orders—finds the vanished queen’s diary, it changes her. Determined that her father’s death should not be in vain and impassioned by the queen’s powerful words, Anza joins a resistance group to overthrow the king.

Price Esvar is desperate for the end of his tyrannical father’s rule and is ready to seat his brother Tevin on the throne. Tired of the decades-long game of cat and mouse Karolje has played with the two brothers—dangling allegiances and power only to yank them away—Esvar hopes to force his father’s hand. After a chance encounter with Anza, the prince considers collaborating with the resistance in the ultimate act of treason. Little does he know, the resistance has its own plans for Karolje and his sons.

Set in a world where resistance is as dangerous as it is important, The Vanished Queen is a tale of the courage and sacrifice it requires to take on a tyrant.