About me:

I grew up in Illinois and western Pennsylvania and currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area. My jobs have run the gamut from housecleaner to teacher. When I am not writing, reading, or spending time with my husband and daughter, I am probably attending to one of my cats.

Twitter: @fictionlisbeth
Email: lisbeth [at] lisbethcampbell [dot] com
mastodon: @lisbethcampbell@wandering.shop


Bridget Smith
JABberwocky Literary Agency
49 W 45th St., #12N
New York, NY 10036-4603

About The Vanished Queen:

The Vanished Queen went through multiple versions before I finally found both the story I needed to tell and the right way to tell it. I took inspiration from Shakespeare, whose tragedies and histories are at their root about families, as this novel is. With regard to plot and themes, I have long thought that fantasy as a genre provides a useful framework for interrogating politics and power structures, and this book was conceived in that vein years ago. However, the American presidential election of 2016 and its aftermath drove the ways I thought about resistance, accountability, and women’s voices.

More information about the novel, including background material, can be found on the dropdown pages under THE VANISHED QUEEN on the menu.