A Very Short Guide to Pronunciation, With a Few Examples

–escu: ess-kyoo. But, “Alcu”: Al-koo

–ian: ee-un

–ik: ick

–il: ill

–ili: eelee

–je: yuh

–scz: sh

“kh”: the “h” is very lightly voiced. If spoken rapidly at the end of a word, it disappears. But in “Tazekhor,” it is voiced, with the syllabic break between the “k” and the “h.”

The “s” in an “svar” ending is soft: Coss-var, Ess-var.

An “i” is usually “ih” or “ee.” Exception: When it begins a name and is followed by a consonant, then a vowel, it is long.

A “u” is “oo” or “uh.” Exception: “escu” is “ess-kyoo”

Anza: Ahnzuh

Irini: Eye-ree-nee

Ivanje: Eye-vahn-yuh

Jeriza: Jeh-ree-zuh

Karolje: Kuh-role-yuh

Mirantha: Mih-ran-thuh

Nihalik: Nee-huh-lick

Rumil: Room-ill

Tevin: Tev-in